Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Whatever, bitch."

Today I drove to work. We all park in the parking garage under the Civic Center, and when you exit the parking garage you can either go straight or turn right. Cars are coming from the opposite direction, and they see a sign that says LEFT TURN YIELD. About 50% of the time, drivers totally ignore the sign, and nearly collide with people exiting the parking garage. Fun!

Tonight when I was exiting and turning right, a lady in an SUV nearly collided with me because yielding was apparently beneath her. Then she loudly honked at me. We pulled up alongside each other at the next intersection. She was clearly furious; I could tell she was ranting. I rolled down my window; seeing this, she rolled down hers. I said, "There was a sign that said YIELD." She screamed, "I just know there was a green light!" "Yeah, and you still needed to yield," I replied.

Her reply? "Whatever, bitch." Then she sped off, continuing to scream about how I was wrong and she would throw down or beat me up or something.

Little conversations like this are why I bike whenever possible. I know that if a driver blithely ignores traffic signs when I'm biking, I'll be too dead to be incensed by their terrible attitude.

Yield means yield, folks.


drwende said...

One of the painful lessons of Life in Phoenix is that black SUVs and white pick-ups always have the right of way. I figure driving here guarantees that I start the work day with the thrill of not being dead after all.

Anonymous said...

Ilcchhh. I can feel my blood boiling just reading this post. I hate road rage.