Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Environmentalism gone wild

I nipped into Ross during my lunch break and bought a large red spatula - with all the cooking I'm doing these days, I realized one spatula just won't do.

As always, I refused a bag at the checkout, since I had my large-ish tote bag with me. I went to stuff the spatula in my bag and found that the generously sized spatula was, well, way too big for the bag.

So, if you saw a woman walking around downtown SD today with a large red spatula sticking out of her bag, that was me.

Sadly, I do shit like this all the time. In the absence of plastic shopping bags, I'll find myself juggling an antique lamp, loaf of bread, bunch of asparagus, pair of socks and a Jamba Juice - all at the same time. And then I'll reach into my pocket and find a little baggie full of pizza. Or I'll stop dead in the street because I need, NEED! some lip balm or my sunglasses, and my arms and fists are full of stuff. It's crazy, I tell ya.

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