Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rockin' the prenatals

No, I'm not jonesing for a baby.

Last Saturday I trotted down to the blood bank for my usual blood donation, but they turned me away because my iron levels were a little low. They set me loose with a list of iron-rich foods and I munched on spinach and other goodies for a week. I went back yesterday, only to find that my iron levels were much lower. WTF? It could explain why I get light-headed sometimes, though.

Anyway, the lady suggested I start taking a a good multivitamin or prenatal vitamins; clearly my quasi-vegetarian diet is not doing me any good in the iron department. I'd heard that prenatal vitamins make the hair shiny and nails strong in addition to conferring health benefits, so I bought those. They taste pretty nasty (I chew vitamins because I'm a baby about swallowing pills whole), but if they can make me purdy while improving my health, I am IN.

I will sure to report back in case I start sprouting Rapunzel hair or crazy long nails.

(Consider this post a reminder to get your iron levels checked, because it's extremely common for women to have low iron levels without realizing it.)

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