Saturday, March 29, 2008

Found! Seychelles at Loehmann's

So, you know those Seychelles pumps-with-a twist I mentioned the other day? I found them at Loehmann's! At $49, how could I not buy them?

I'm often wary of light-colored shoes because they get dirty, often look like bridal wear gone wrong, and don't flatter the feet. These, however, make my feet look teeny-weeny; they're also ridiculously comfortable (though I have not yet danced the night away in them, but I'll keep you posted). Like in the photo above, they've been attacked using some sort of red dye, which gives them an antiqued appearance. It's a little weird but preferable to a gleamingly white shoe, in my opinion.

I'm pleased as punch but, as always, second-guessing myself. The question is, would I be best served by these, or the Nine West sandals below?
Perhaps I could order the Nine West sandals and see which shoe is more comfortable. That would be the reasonable way to go about things, at least.

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1 comment:

Discount Designer Shopper said...

Nothing like a good Loehmann's find to make a perfect day! They really do have a great selection fo this years shoe trends. ( see here:
I say get them both and keep them never know!