Friday, March 21, 2008

Ghetto Ross delivers

There's this Ross store near my work (i.e. in the heart of downtown), and it's very sketchy and grubby and I like to make fun of it and refer to it as Ghetto Ross. Except lately, I've actually been shopping there, and they have seriously good stuff.

Like this: a beautiful blue rayon scarf and an incredibly comfy pair of Nine West flats, each for around $10? Uh, yes please.

(Do you love the studs on the flats as much as I do? Also, do you agree that elasticized flats look absolutely retarded when they're not on someone's feet? Seriously, it looks like they're trying to eat themselves.)


lindsey kathlene said...

elasticized flats rub my heels. i bought a soft red leather pair that would otherwise be amazingly comfortable. i avoid them religiously now. you don't run into this problem?

Forever Chic said...

Nope, they haven't rubbed yet...*knock on wood*