Saturday, March 29, 2008

The vicissitudes of Nordstrom Rack

Ok, perhaps this typifies the sort of disgusting consumption you've come to expect from me, but...these are just damn cool.

A couple of months ago, I went to Nordstrom Rack with some mission or other in mind. I quickly checked out the cosmetics department in case anything outstanding was lurking there, and noticed a few Smashbox limited-edition makeup brush sets, priced at $40. The packaging screamed that the brush sets were limited-edition and actually worth $180, but I decided that $40 was a bit expensive and I didn't need more makeup brushes anyway.

Fast forward to a week later; I realized that I wanted the brush set. I headed back over to Nordstrom Rack and to find that all the brush sets were gone (sometimes I forget how quickly Nordstrom Rack moves merchandise). I circled the department dejectedly for about 15 minutes, checking every nook in cranny in case they were hiding in some dim corner. I even checked eBay for the brush sets - no dice. I was pissed.

So, yesterday, I was positively thrilled to find the store teeming with dozens of the very same brush sets. I picked one out that was relatively unmolested (people do darn tragic things to merchandise that isn't swathed in layers of unassailable plastic, don't they?).

The kits may not actually be worth $180, but for $40 they are pretty darn slick. The bristles are snow-white nylon, and soft as a whisper. The handles are full-sized (I hate those dinky travel handles) and Lucite (ooh, neat!). They all pack into a rigid carrying case that has room for other makeup items. I'm so pleased, I'm tempted to buy some more sets to give as gifts, but I'm worried that not everyone appreciates makeup brushes as much as me.

Stuff like this is why I love off-price retailers. Wedged between ugly, badly made stuff, treasures lie.

(Also, as a fun historical note, I took these pictures at 2:30am this morning, drunk after a night of clubbing. Considering how wobbly I was, these images turned out quite well.)

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Starlet aka Minutestar said...

OMG - I have been wanting a set of cheap good quality brushes..lucky you!

Btw, I typed in forever chic cuz i thought that it'd be such a great name - and I found your awesome blog!