Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yellow is mellow. And polka-dotted and frilly.

Oh god...I can't help it but I love this top! In the catalogue, it's shown on a tan model paired with white pants and high platforms, and it simply looks divine. Nevermind that it would look completely different against my pale skin. Anyhoo, it also comes in light blue but for once I prefer the yellow. Blouse, $78 at Anthropologie.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

My latest shoe saga

Recently I spied these cute ballet flats by BCBGirls on the Nordstrom website, so I stopped into the store and browsed for a ridiculously long time trying to locate them. I enlisted the help of a salesman, who checked their site in-store and couldn't find them. Hmm...had they sold out? Had I hallucinated? Whatever the case, I accepted that I wasn't going to leave the store with my quarry, so I left (but only after hitting up the MAC counter).

The next day I checked the Nordstrom site again and there they were...winking at me in all their silver, lusciously detailed glory. But I knew some comparison shopping was on my horizon.

The breakdown:
Nordstrom: $88.95 plus $5 shipping
Zappos: $92.95 plus free shipping
Endless: $89.95 plus negative $5 overnight shipping

The verdict:
Needless to say, I went with Endless. The shoes arrived on Wednesday morning after I ordered them on Monday night, and I love them. Yesterday I traipsed around town wearing them with a pair of black shorts from Forever 21 and a gray tank top from Anthropologie, and was adorable and comfortable. Home run for! Though some online commentators panned Endless, I had a good experience with them and will definitely consider buying from them again.

Buy the flats at Endless for $84.95 (for a limited time)

It's the COLOR, stupid!

Call it periwinkle, call it lapis... I bought a dress in a slightly darker/more intense shade of this color for a event tonight and let's just say I'm going to look fab. This color is pretty and feminine without being cloying, and it's heaven on blue-eyed girls like me. Plus it's a nice alternative to the more common shades of powder blue or lavender. Give it a try! Rebecca Beeson top, $35 at Bluefly.

PS. I might as well register my adoration for Rebecca Beeson tops. They come in cute styles and soft, high-quality fabric. I bought a couple from Bluefly recently and I adore them! They're also carried at Loehmann's (though the selection is spootty) and Anthrpologie (for horribly inflated prices.)