Saturday, May 5, 2007

My latest shoe saga

Recently I spied these cute ballet flats by BCBGirls on the Nordstrom website, so I stopped into the store and browsed for a ridiculously long time trying to locate them. I enlisted the help of a salesman, who checked their site in-store and couldn't find them. Hmm...had they sold out? Had I hallucinated? Whatever the case, I accepted that I wasn't going to leave the store with my quarry, so I left (but only after hitting up the MAC counter).

The next day I checked the Nordstrom site again and there they were...winking at me in all their silver, lusciously detailed glory. But I knew some comparison shopping was on my horizon.

The breakdown:
Nordstrom: $88.95 plus $5 shipping
Zappos: $92.95 plus free shipping
Endless: $89.95 plus negative $5 overnight shipping

The verdict:
Needless to say, I went with Endless. The shoes arrived on Wednesday morning after I ordered them on Monday night, and I love them. Yesterday I traipsed around town wearing them with a pair of black shorts from Forever 21 and a gray tank top from Anthropologie, and was adorable and comfortable. Home run for! Though some online commentators panned Endless, I had a good experience with them and will definitely consider buying from them again.

Buy the flats at Endless for $84.95 (for a limited time)

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