Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's the COLOR, stupid!

Call it periwinkle, call it lapis... I bought a dress in a slightly darker/more intense shade of this color for a event tonight and let's just say I'm going to look fab. This color is pretty and feminine without being cloying, and it's heaven on blue-eyed girls like me. Plus it's a nice alternative to the more common shades of powder blue or lavender. Give it a try! Rebecca Beeson top, $35 at Bluefly.

PS. I might as well register my adoration for Rebecca Beeson tops. They come in cute styles and soft, high-quality fabric. I bought a couple from Bluefly recently and I adore them! They're also carried at Loehmann's (though the selection is spootty) and Anthrpologie (for horribly inflated prices.)

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