Saturday, March 22, 2008

First shots of the skinny jeans

You saw them here first, kids. Excuse the greasy hair and pained expressions.

The lighter pair with my purple T-straps. If the crotch area looks strange, it's because the button fly is missing a button. They also need to be hemmed about 5" - I'm taking them to the tailor after I finish this post.

And with silver flats. A very casual look, but not too unflattering I don't think.

The dark pair with the T-straps. These are very tight around the ass/thighs, but not enough to bother me (they're a size smaller than the lighter pair). Also, they're obviously too long, but they're sort of cute cuffed - what do you think?

With a pair of summery wedges. I'm smiling because I feel tall.

With a pair of D'Orsays I never wear. I really like this look, actually, though a lighter shirt might work better with the light shoes.

So...yay or nay? Am I deluding myself that these are kinda great compared to swimming in bootcut jeans?

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