Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The embellished flat, two ways

I can't handle too many fake flowers and buckles and baubles all gettin' up on my feet, but some embellishments are just right.
What have lasers done for YOU today? Given us the subtle cutouts on this shoe, for starters. These cutouts add a lot to the visual interest of the shoe without being too crazy or overwhelming. They may also help the shoe breathe, but who knows.

These are $41.99 at Piperlime, in gray and red.

OMG SEQUINS!!! Seriously, purple + blue is a very happenin' color combination, and despite being bedecked in sequins, I don't think these would be too attention-getting if they were peeking out from the leg of a wide leg trouser. Also, if you ever get stranded in a remote area, you could probably use these to catch the attention of passing aircraft.

These are $39.95 (!!!) at Anthropologie (!!!!). God, so tempting...

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