Tuesday, March 4, 2008

February spending summary: I feel poor (but I'm not!)

February came with a lot of incidentals: a flood of healthcare costs (glasses and toric contact lenses are expensive).

Besides gleefully using up my Nordie's gift card, I didn't buy much stupid crap. Off the top of my head I only bought a $35 cardigan (a great buy, for the record) and $8 worth of makeup. Oh, but I spent a decent amount at the drugstore - mainly buying that Eucerin skin care stuff that's working like a charm.

I did manage to add $200 to my IRA - no biggie, but every little bit counts. In March I would like to add $500 more.

March will definitely be a Buy-Nothing Month. Looking ahead to spring/summer fashion, I am totally set with two swimsuits, a teal dress that I plan to wear to any and all weddings I need to go to, plenty of cute open-toed shoes, and so on. Ideally I would like to add one or two cute summer dresses to add to the mix, but I'm not going to buy those until April at the earliest.

I did my taxes a few days ago and got a shock - for the first time ever I owe taxes beyond what I've already paid, to the tune of $500. It's the downside of making more money, I suppose. However, because of Bush's wonky economic stimulus plan, I'll be getting that money back (and then some); I just have to wait until May.

So the plan for March is:
  • Buy nothing beyond essentials
  • Haunt the farmer's market, as usual. Now, I have the luxury of frequenting TWO farmer's markets. One is downtown and has resumed every Thursday; the other is in Hillcrest on Sundays. I'll have fruits and veggies coming out of my ears!
  • Think about cutting down on caffeine, sugar and possibly carbs. Today I've been reading about how diet can affect one's skin. It seems that avoiding crappy food helps avoid a whole bevy of problems - who'da thunk it?!
  • Keep myself busy with FREE activities: photography, calligraphy, reading, and frolicking outside, mainly. Sometimes I find myself browsing stores just because I'm bored/feeling down, and that's the lamest shit ever.
  • Keep riding my bike to work and to Sunday farmer's markets
  • Rock out with my cock out
Yep, that's basically it!

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