Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hot wrinkled mess

Thursday night, while trying to fall asleep, I was seized by the urge to track down my stash of silk scarves. I hadn't seen them since I moved into this apartment in August, and panicked because I thought I might have lost them forever.

After digging in my closet for just a few seconds I found them - all crumpled into a little brocade bag, but otherwise intact. I gave them a quick iron, but they still have some flattening out to do.

The prettiest ones were gifts from globe-trotting relatives and friends. I don't know why everyone feels the need to buy me a scarf when they go to India or Japan or whatever, but I ain't complaining.

These will fit quite nicely into my spring mode of dressing. I like to roll them up for headbands, but I'm going to experiment with various around-the-neck configurations, and maybe tie them around a ponytail or bun.

From left to right:

1 - Japan via my aunt and uncle. Not actually silk, obviously. The Japanese version of a cotton bandanna. I like to roll it up and wear it as a headband.
2&3 - Actually belts from a pair of shorts and a silk bathrobe.
4 (top) - Japan via my aunt and uncle, I think. Absolutely stunning, but I managed to burn it a little while ironing it. Deep sigh.
5 (bottom) - India, via my friend. One of my favorites. The colors match nearly everything in my wardrobe.
6&7 - Random bits of silk I bought from a silk store's scrap pile and hemmed.

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