Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jackets Fantastic

The perfect jacket is the Holy Grail for me. I found the perfect short black trench in Portland, which was a BIG step. Still, I'll always be on the lookout for the perfect, wear-everywhere jacket that can take me from winter to summer and back again. Does it even exist? I have no idea.

My closet is teeming with not-quite-perfect jackets and frankly, I've grown to hate a lot of them (and happily purged a few of them on Monday). Granted, I'm young and stupid, but when I was younger and stupider, I didn't realize that a good jacket is all about fit, so many of my jackets don't fit properly. Some can be salvaged with a bit of tailoring, but some are wrong in every way.

If I could do it all over, I would find one perfect jacket. An investment piece. And then I'd get it tailored to fit my body like a glove. And I would wear the hell out of it, until it showed the patterns of wear that only make a high-quality investment piece look better - or, I would buy it secondhand, so it would already have the richness of age and prior love. And that fantastic jacket would become my signature. While flying out the door, I'd be able to grab it without thinking, and it would mesh with whatever I happened to be wearing and wherever I was going.

More and more, I tend to think that the perfect jacket is leather. Yeah, I might as well just go ahead and admit I'm a neoconservative or something. But seriously, leather is nice. It's warm. It's eternally stylish. It's soft and sensual. I especially love motorcycle jackets - they make anyone look like a badass. And I'm especially interested in leather jackets that aren't black, like this ker-aaaazy red number.

Here's some more great leather jackets, just in case I haven't yet made the point that I really fucking love these things.
The indomitable Gala Darling, rocking classic black.

A shorter-sleeved jacket lends a hard edge to a tailored, feminine look.

This gorgeous woman shows that leather jackets don't just work on punks, bikers and twentysomethings.

Aaand a non-black jacket to cleanse the palette. I don't really care for this girl's outfit, but the jacket is fantastic.

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