Sunday, March 9, 2008

Haunting the virtual sales racks

Today, while winding down from the excitement of visiting the farmer's market, I decided to check out the virtual sales racks at a few of my favorite online retailers. Obviously, I've still got dresses on the brain; unfortunately, shapeless and/or babydoll styles are still in style, and to that I say SCREW THAT, because shapeless dresses only look good on tall, skinny models. I cannot wait for more body-conscious dresses to come back in style - dresses that acknowledge that women have breasts, waists and hips. Anyhoo, here's the best of what I saw:

Graham & Spencer print dress, $261 [sale]
I like the contrasting colors and the fun, funky print.

Christopher Deane silk dress, $157 [sale]
My favorite colors (aqua and teal) in silk? Uh, yes please. Also, if the waist tie is detachable, I'd wear it with a variety of other things, and maybe even as a headband.

IISLI Summer Dress, $149 [sale]
Sure, it's simple, but that's the beauty of it. Easily punched up with accessories, if you must.

And now for something completely different...this leather jacket caught my eye mostly because of its unusual color. Sure, leather jackets aren't the most environmentally friendly, but if you're going to invest in ONE fabulous leather jacket, wear it for decades and then pass it onto a secondhand store or a relative or friend, what's the harm?

Diesel Kelfin leather jacket, $330 [sale]
Ooh! I pine!

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