Saturday, March 15, 2008

The jacket in action

I think this is a first for me - actually posting pictures of myself wearing stuff I've bought. So, here is the new leather jacket in action. I cropped my head out because no one needs to see my goofy expressions.

Another angle. Aargh, those sleeves!
I'm going to get them shortened ASAP.

The jacket zipped up all the way. I guess I have a thick
neck or something, because this is not comfortable.

So there you have it! Proof that I actually wear the crap I buy. So...comments? Dig that jacket, or think it looks dumb? Think the fit is up to snuff?

And now I'm head out to a St. Patrick's Day parade...wearing ze jacket of course!


Anne said...

I love the cut on you and I even like the sleeves cuffed like that, although I could see it getting annoying it looks kind of cool. The only thing I would be doubtful about is the coloring - it seems like the pale gray kind of washes you out in these pictures and for a major investment piece that you plan on wearing to death I would want a more flattering color. How do you feel about the color? Other than that I think the fit is super flattering and the zipper really adds some visual interest.

Forever Chic said...

I agree that the color isn't stupendous on me, but it's not bad, either. I have a sweatshirt in the same color, and I it's reasonably flattering. More importantly, it's one of my favorite colors, and matches everything.

Plus, it's so hard to find leather jackets that aren't black. It would be great if I could find one that's a darker gray, but I think the search would be futile.