Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Style MO

Inspired by - who else? - Gala Darling, I wrote out a little Style Concept designed to guide my spring and summer style choices. I'm really warming up to the idea to editing my wardrobe seasonally (because I can consciously set aside a good portion of my wardrobe and still have plenty to wear), as well as constructing a persona around my clothing choices.

Here are some examples of Style Concepts: one and two.

(Sorry I don' t yet have visuals to accompany this style concept - I'll compile them sometime when I'm not at work!)

  • Shoes will be considered jewelry; embrace metallics, interesting detailing/cutouts, and stilettos.
  • Save flats for sore-feet and farmer's market days.
  • Rely heavily on statement jewelry: my attention-getting vintage brass necklace, large sea-green stone necklace, and large dark-blue antique ring.
  • Avoid plain earrings, such as faux-diamond studs. Instead, wear drop earrings, but only when the outfit calls out for them.
  • Shiny and bouncy.
  • Embrace waves/curls, beach hair, and a laissez-faire shampoo schedule.
  • Use headbands, printed scarves/fabric belts tied around the head, and other hair ornaments with wild abandon.
  • Consider belting cardigans, tunics, and dresses to emphasize the waist
  • Jeans are skinny. This opens the door for floaty, voluminous pieces on top
  • Pair floaty skirts with more form-fitting tops
  • Don't be afraid of looser clothes, but wear voluminous pieces on the top OR bottom, not both
  • Florals and wild prints in a top or scarf (tied around the neck or worn as a headband or as a belt)
  • Royal/electric blue, purple, yellow, grass green, coral, white, gold
  • Use black as an accent only
  • Best color combinations: purple with yellow, blue with white or yellow/coral, green with gray and white
  • Unbuttoned or no-button cardigans for day (especially to add volume on top when wearing skinny jeans)
  • Dove gray leather biker jacket for night, especially paired with overtly feminine pieces like florals and floaty skirts
The attitude:
  • Energetic, spontaneous, fun, but not bubbly or cloying
  • Always snapping pictures, recording funny quotes in my Moleskine, suggesting spontaneous outings to the beach or park, and trying new recipes, restaurants and drinks
Points of interest/emphasis:
  • Shoes, shoes, shoes. Legs. Ankles.
  • Interesting things tied around the neck or on the head
  • The waist (in outfits where legs/shoes are not the emphasis)
  • Garments that move in an interesting way
  • Statement jewelery (especially necklaces) constructed of natural stones
Other thoughts:
  • Keep a pair of ballet flats in my bag during nights out, so I am not felled by my high heels and thought a wimp (or a bore) by my companions
  • Work on cultivating a layered look without adding too much bulk/warmth. Layer two thin tank tops over each other, for example, or wear a chiffon scarf to add interest to a solid-color shirt
  • Nothing stuffy or overly tight. If I must wear a staid pieces (a black pencil skirt, for instance), imbue it with fun and whimsy by pairing it with unpredictable, slightly impractical shoes, jewelry, hair, etc.
  • Embrace color, print and contrast
  • Apply makeup with a light hand. Wear sheer glosses rather than lipsticks, an easy dusting of petal-pink blush, a bit of white eyeliner to bring light to the eyes, etc.
Possible purchases:
  • Funky hats and other headcoverings for day
  • A rad pair of sunglasses (vintage, preferably)
  • Vintage slips/thin dresses to layer over skinny jeans and under a sweater
  • Interesting high-heeled shoes, especially in unpredictable colors like green, pink and yellow
  • Belts that fit the natural waist, or scarves that can be used for this purpose
  • High-waisted skirts
  • Something in fuschia

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