Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Playing around with the auto-timer on my camera...

Hey! That's not too bad! Except there's a nice bit of table in the picture. Whoops.

Maybe if I stare fixedly at the camera, it will bend to my will.

I shall show the Internet I can be fun and frivolous!

Nutso Camera Angle Makes 5'4" Woman Look Like a Giant. Film at 11.

(at this point I hurriedly shoved some books under the camera.)

Channeling Napoleon with all my might.

If I pretend like I've totally forgotten the camera is there, will I look cool?

Not bad! But is that the camera strap at the edge of the photo? D'oh! FAIL.

So...if you have been wondering why I don't post daily outfit photos, it's because A) I wear boring, black and white outfits and B) I fail at the simple mechanics of self-photography.

Oh yeah and sources for my uber-chic (not really) outfit:
  • Headband, Forever 21 (it's actually a belt that came with a pair of shorts)
  • Scarf, Ross
  • Ancient white sweater, Express
  • Black tunic, BCBG via Marshall's
  • Ancient black pants, Ross or Marshall's (they are bootcut, but I tuck them into my boots because I. AM. A. REBEL.)
  • Boots by top American designer Michael Kors


drwende said...

So cute!

Anne said...

Ha! Love the Top American Designer boots. Awesome.