Sunday, January 6, 2008

This spring, boobs are in

In honor of my finally opening up a Roth IRA, here are some goodies I will not be buying from Anthropologie. (But God, do I want to!)

Since I've spent today thinking about my (financial) assets, it's only appropriate that these picks are themed around how to enhance and embrace your own assets, especially if you're not particularly busty. Yeah, I amuse myself.

Bunting squareneck top , $48
Ruching adds volume in all the right places.

Photogenic top in Lipgloss, $68
Gorgeous, ultra-flattering color - and like the preceding top, the strategic ruching/draping will help enhance curves.

Isamar dress, $178
Amazing, easy-to-wear dress. Instant sophistication.

Gryphon tank dress in Yellow, $128
One of the best parts about being slim and not particularly busy is the ability to wear ultra-deep V necks with no fear.

Bluebell Wood dress, $148
his dress would flatter a variety of heights and figures, though I think it would look best on petite, thin girls (again, note the ultra-flattering V neck). If I was the marrying type I would totally get married in this dress. The back is gorgeous too:

And here's an unusual, neutral necklace to draw the eye to your gorgeous d├ęcolletage:

It's on sale for $70. You're welcome!

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