Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pry my cash from my cold, dead hands

Here's where my cheddar went in January. Cheddar, of course, is a synonym for "money" used by people who aren't lily-white like me.


$20 makeup brush

$20 black dress

$25 haircut

Eating Out:



$40 on insurance co-pays (in related news, the Great Cervical Cancer Scare of 2007 has resolved. I don’t have cancer, yay!)

~$40 on other miscellaneous expenses (i.e. bar tabs and a DustBuster. It’s weird I put those in the same category, eh?)

So I did pretty good this month being a total cheapskate. I’m sure my friends hate me, but that’s ok. Also: I was able to transfer a thousand bucks into my savings account this month! Holy fucking shit, Batman.

Sadly, February might be a doozie. Valentine’s Day lurks in the middle of the month, and seeing as I’ve been wasting my time seeing a total shitbag, I’ll probably go on an expensive, self-destructive bender for a week or so. Or I’ll find a sweet guy and take him out to dinner, which will probably cost me lots of moola -- but on the upside, I might actually have someone to feel up on the one day a year when having someone to grope is of utmost importance.

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