Monday, January 21, 2008

Everything reviewed

Today, for some unknown reason, I remembered the fabulous website Everything Reviewed. It hasn't been updated in ages, which is a damned shame, but the most recent review is terribly appropriate. Here's an excerpt from the review, which is a review of shopping.

I was in a shop in Holborn the other day, considering a pair of shoes, and a woman was saying to her friend, "See, you could wear them with jeans OR with a dress. They're a bargain", as if wearing jeans or wearing a dress is pretty much the sum of all human experience, or the scale, and wearing jeans and a dress at the same time some kind of harmonious middle point where you feel your own oneness with the universe. I left empty-handed, feeling quietly superior, then went to Topshop and bought a pair of shoes that don't actually fit me at all in any way, though I keep on trying them on hopefully, in case my feet have shrunk in the night.

Read the full review here. I couldn't capture its full brilliance in a short excerpt.

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