Sunday, January 6, 2008

New rats!

New mama rat's doppelganger.

This morning, I tucked Pinkie into her travel cage and went off to an adoption event run by Wee Companions, the same small animal rescue agency where I got Charlie and Pinkie.

And I came home with...a mama rat that looks an awful lot like the rat above, as well as one of her four-month-old babies, a white, red-eyed girl with a blaze on her nose. They are both young rats, but while the mama is large and fat, the baby is not full-grown and will probably be small her whole life because of inadequate nutrition when she was a newborn.

All three rats are getting to know each other (and their new digs) right now, so no pictures.

While I'm still torn up about Charlie's untimely death, new additions to the family are always exciting. Sadly, Pinkie's been doing rather poorly since Charlie died, and today the adoption people noticed she has a tumor and scabby skin from mites/lice. They warned me she's an old rat and doesn't have much time left. She was treated for her skin problems at the adoption event, and I think I'll go to the vet for antibiotics to help treat her chronic respiratory problems. Lastly, I'm in the middle of buying fancy rat food from Mazuri to help keep all three rats as healthy as possible.

Now, I get to name my new pets. I tend to think of the world's most boring names for pets, so suggestions are welcome.

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