Friday, January 25, 2008

Holy shit!

A comment left on Apartment Therapy - the Kitchn made me suddenly remember Trader Joe's salty caramels. I bought them once because they looked intriguing, and...dear God, they were sublime. I would guiltily scarf, like, six at a time and then swoon on the couch, savoring the salty-sweet aftertaste for as long as possible. I blame it on my low-salt diet.

But do they still exist? I haven't seen them in ages. I think they might be a seasonal product.

I'm actually going to do a supremely dorky thing (me, dorky? Never!) and call my local TJ's to see if and when they will carry them again.

Anyone else know of any sublime products that disappeared for some unknown reason?

[ In case you're doubting that these salty caramels exist, they're reviewed here. ]

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drwende said...

"Dorky" is going in person from TJ's to TJ's on a vain quest for the salted caramels. Calling is the pragmatic approach.
Foodstuffs that have disappeared from shops, to my profound annoyance:

--Peppermint ice cream (seems to be seasonal, Xmas only)

--Lemon chiffon ice cream (some brand used to do lemon-chocolate chip, which was sublime)

--UNSWEETENED flavored bottled water. This was everywhere in the late 1980s and has been impossible to find since Clearly Canadian discovered artificial sweeteners, damn them! Excess sweetening is why I'm the only yuppie on earth who doesn't have a bottled water habit.