Wednesday, January 2, 2008


As an amendment to my #1 New Year's Resolution:

Rather than setting aside $500 in a separate account for clothes, I'm going to set aside $1200 ($100 a month) in a separate account as a "slush fund" to cover clothes, jewelry, eating out (funds for groceries and food purchased at the farmer's market will come from my main account), and other miscellaneous expenses like movie tickets and bar tabs. We'll see how this goes!


lindsey said...

i gave myself something similar in last year's budget ("mad money"), but $25 a week doesn't go far when you're trying to simultaneously treat yourself once in a while to a lunch you didn't have to make and schlepp from home, any entertainment that involves going out with other people, and still save up a few weeks of the $$ in order to buy a nice piece of clothing. i fell off the wagon almost all twelve months. of course, it was also my slush fund for any trips anywhere - so a day traveling to napa valley just to look around could blow the whole thing. but i do think at least striving for it helped limit the spending i would otherwise do. best of luck to you!

Forever Chic said...

Word. I think I'll probably stick to the budget for a few months while tracking my expenses in detail, then revise the amount upward to $200 a month or something. I do realize that $100 a month would pretty much eliminate the possibility of any clothes/accessory purchases, and seriously curtail eating out. Cutting back on those things (temporarily at least) will be good for me, though.