Sunday, January 13, 2008

Old crap in its natural habitat

As promised, I tore up some antique stories today. I didn't hit gold - all I brought home was a beautiful ring that cost $5. I did see a mirror and a mirror tray I might go back and buy if I still like them next week.

All in all, the antique store I visited in Portland had a lot more stuff that skewed to the taste of casual collectors like me. The La Mesa antique stores had plenty of beautiful stuff, but a lot of it skewed toward cutesy stuff your Scottish-Terrier-obsessed Great-Aunt Martha might have - not stuff that's "cool" enough for he average yuppie (me) to take home. And there was nary a mid century nightstand or credenza to be found! Oh, the horror. Still, I had a blast and plan to visit more stores around the area next weekend, because I have no life.

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