Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unleashing my inner hippie

I spent all day on Sunday hanging with friends at the Earth Day festival at Balboa Park. It was great seeing all manner of hippies, stoners, punks and goths out to play. When I moved here from NorCal I was shocked at how homogeneous everyone seemed to be. Nice to know that freaks do exist in San Diego County (I say freaks in the nicest way possible).

I left inspired by all the uninhibited, colorful fashions and personalities I witnessed. A few years ago I probably would have left the festival irritated by all the outlandish, "look at me" get-ups, but time has granted me the maturity to notice the good while ignoring the bad.

Looking back, I wish I would have pulled people aside and snapped pictures of them. I got a few of paparazzi-style shots, but didn't think to actually ask all the snappy dressers to pose for pictures.

Anyway, after all the hippie-dippiness I found myself back at home, tired and sunburned and shopping for beads on Etsy as usual. Rather than faceted gemstones, I gravitated toward these earthy pebbly moss agates. I bought 32 inches worth, and plan to wear them as a simple double- or triple-stranded necklace (the stones are smaller than the picture might suggest). These pretty agates have all my favorite colors: sea green, teal, inky blue, and kelly green, with hints of olive and lime.