Saturday, April 5, 2008

Purging day

Today, I took two grocery bags full of clothes to a local charity shop. Some of the items I'd worn little, if ever; others I'd worn quite a bit. Some had been pretty expensive when I had originally purchased them.

Part of me feels guilty for all the hundreds of dollars I'd spent on these clothes. But then I remember that 18-year-old me didn't have the same sort of style that I have now, nor the knowledge of quality garments, flattering proportions, and smart shopping. Plus, there's the fact that an 18-year-old student does not, and should not, wear the same clothes as a 23-year-old professional. These clothes, for the most part, served me well at a certain point at my life, but for now they're best passed onto someone who will appreciate them.

Of course, the act of purging these garments makes me want to purge even more. I'm still enamored of the idea of paring down my wardrobe a bit. I will never force myself to pare down my shoe collection very much, as constantly rotating my footwear constitutes about 80% of the fun of my everyday dressing, but as for blouses, jackets, and the like - less is more.

On this note, I've been surviving on two pairs of jeans for the past two weeks or so. The weather hasn't been warm enough for skirts or dresses, so I've been alternating my dark pair and my medium-wash pair. If anyone's noticed that I wear the same pair of jeans every other day, they haven't told me, and I've found that my tiny jeans wardrobe has encouraged me to play more with hairstyles, footwear, accessories and silhouettes.

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