Thursday, April 17, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

Will the Cougar Ace be saved?!

This week's been busy and a lot of fun. As usual, I've been glued to Google Reader (how did I survive before it?!) and have found lots of fun things to read, look at and think about. Here are some highlights of the week...
  • This Wired article, about a group of total badasses who travel around the world saving huge ships from sinking, among them the Cougar Ace (above) which is loaded with $103 million worth of Mazdas. A riveting read that makes me wish my life had an element of danger. Well, weaving through downtown on my bike is pretty dangerous/stupid/exhilarating, but that's about it. [via]
  • The news that my sis is going to MIT for grad school! Yippee! Oh wait...this means the bar is set high. Damn you, overachiever big sis!
  • These ker-razy handmade trophy heads on etsy. Pricey but oh-so-cool. [via More Ways to Waste Time]
  • These thought-provoking images of animals + opulent interiors. [via This is Glamorous]
  • The sunshine and wonderful smells of blooming flowers...I can't walk or ride by bike anywhere without getting a whiff of something delicious.
  • My new vintage reversible skirt from Ramona West Vintage. It's just different enough to give my wardrobe a shot of interest. I wore it out last night (aqua side showing) and got lots of compliments.
  • This red, black and gray outfit worn by Ranna of Only Shallow. I love the mix of hard (leather jacket) and soft (feminine elements like the red dress). The cool structured bag and classic T-straps don't hurt, either.
  • This arrangement of floral-inspired objects by Ez of Creature Comforts. I'm usually not a huge red/pink person, that red trench to die for, or what?!

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