Saturday, April 12, 2008

Adventures in vintage, part 3

It's hot as hell today, but that didn't keep me from going thrifting as planned. Here's what I ended up with:

A raisin-colored shirt (not vintage, obviously), a fantastic beaded clamshell evening bag, and some shell beads and leather cording from Amonite (the bead store). Clearly, I had shells on the brain.

The clamshell bag was from Flashbacks, and they had a great selection of vintage clutches in the style I love. Vintage vinyl bags don't do much for me, but I adore the beaded ones that were most commonly made in Japan (this one was made in China, but it's the same idea). It's entirely possible I will keep going back to Flashbacks and buy out all their beaded bags one by one, because I can't get enough of them.

Here's another shot of the clamshell:

It's going to be great for evenings out when I like to travel light, as well as cocktail parties, weddings and the like. Ooh! So excited!

And, for the sake of historical accuracy, here's a vintage top I tried on in a store called Rags. The asymmetrical style grabbed me. Once I had it on, I realized the style reminded me a bit of the marching band uniforms we wore in high school.

I kinda dug the style but I think we can all agree that the bright peachy color is wrong on me, yes?

Here's another garment I tried on. I couldn't stop laughing/crying long enough to take a picture while wearing's from the 80s and has that triangular shape. The sort of shape that gave me linebacker shoulders. It also hit at the strangest spot on my midsection. Sorry, but I think 80s silhouettes are beyond ridiculous.

Anyway, for the clamshell bag alone, I call today's shopping trip a rousing success.

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drwende said...

Adorable beaded bag!

My favorite of several debate partners (male) had a jacket in that plaid, and we all made fun of it back in the 1980s.