Friday, April 11, 2008

Adventures in vintage, part 2

My neighborhood is chock-full of thrift shops, highly selective vintage shops, and everything in between. And you know what? I never check them out.

I'm not sure why this is. It's partly because I think most junk shops sell, um, junk, and I have no interest in junk. I like shops that sell higher-end vintage stuff, but they are often sort of snooty, unwelcoming places with prices to high for me to stomach and few items that actually fit my lifestyle.

Anyhow, drunk on the success of finding a great vintage dress on etsy, I set out to explore the neighborhood offerings a bit. I got let out of work early today, so had a bit of afternoon to spare.

Not-so long story short...I was pleasantly surprised.

First stop: this place. It's run by the local Catholic church, but you'd never guess from the sign, would you?

Inside the store, a black-and-white checked skirt caught my eye. The label said "Valentino, made in Italy." Umm...THAT Valentino? Anyway, it was a smidge too small. Same for a camel-colored Neiman Marcus skirt. They were both beautiful pieces...if I had it in my heart I'd try to sell them for profit. You know, like the assholes on etsy and eBay I like to rag on.

Next I stopped into Wear It Again Sam, which looks like this:

They sell glorious, mint-condition artifacts of yesteryear, and the prices reflect that. it's more like a museum than a store. They did have some reasonably priced silk scarves and clutches/small purses, though.

Lastly, I popped into Flashbacks:

Flashbacks has an annoying atmosphere, and vintage clothes are jammed right next to crap from Target and Forever 21 that people sold to the store for beer money. However, since I can appreciate vintage goods AND Urban Outfitters Circa 2005, it's not so bad. I almost hate to say it, but I found several awesome things here, and plan to go back tomorrow and buy them. Look at me - instituting a waiting period on purchases! Aren't I responsible?

There are scores of other charity and vintage shops in the neighborhood that I have never explored despite living in Hillcrest since August. Needless to say, my mission tomorrow is clear.

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