Monday, April 7, 2008


If I've learned anything in this last year, it's that I thrive when I have a project. Sometimes my projects are silly (watch all episodes of Scrubs in order; develop a great skincare routine; amass an enviable shoe collection). Sometimes - not often enough - they're a bit more lofty.

My new project is, of course, getting into grad school. Nothing excites me - or scares me - more than the prospect of getting my PhD. I have no doubt I will enjoy every minute of it.

While completing my undergrad degree, I didn't know that grad school was right for me. I enjoyed my studies tremendously, but I harbored the goal of going into journalism - and my extracurricular activities (freelancing and working at the student newspaper) reflected this goal. Now, of course, I work in marketing - Journalism Lite. I've proven that I can earn good money and live on my own with only a bachelor's degree under my belt, and I have a job that many people covet. Still, I want nothing more than to give up my current career and immerse myself in academia once again. That's what I've learned during my career thus far.

I've already written down all the baby steps I need to complete to accomplish my new goal - starting by speaking with a grad school adviser at my alma mater's Career Center (which I will do a week from today).

From now on, my life will consist of meeting with professors, researching schools, writing personal statements, and the like. And I couldn't be happier. I have a measurable, hopefully realistic, goal (get accepted to at least one PhD program) and I have broken down all the steps I need to complete to get there.

For the first time for quite a while, I have a three, six, and 12-month plan. It feels wonderful.

I tell you this for a few reasons. First, sharing this goal with other people makes it real. Second, because this is a fashion blog, and it's entirely likely I'll be thinking a bit less about fashion from here on out. Well, that may not be true. Thinking and writing about style is comforting and fun for me, and I will always make room for the (often frivolous) things that bring me joy - because without them, I would be a crabby shell of a person.

So...if anyone has any tips for getting into grad school, or surviving once you're there, I am all ears. My plan is to study Sociology, by the way, though I am also considering Gender Studies or Social Work.

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drwende said...

Never under-estimate the value of frivolity. It is necessary to survival in grad school.