Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

A scene from "The Business of Being Born"

Um, this is gonna be more like "THING I love Thursday." Because, well, this brand spankin' new Netflix subscription is AWESOME, and if you ever hear a news story about a woman becoming one with her couch, that woman will be me. Because Netflix is awesome.

So far I've only gotten one DVD in the mail ("Roger & Me"). Because, frankly, Netflix's unlimited streaming video service is enough to keep me sated. My favorite genre - documentaries - are especially well-represented in the insta-play lineup. First I watched "Word Wars," about the world of competitive Scrabble playing.

Then I watched "The Business of Being Born," in which Ricki Lake gives birth in her bathtub (just to pick one highlight). That film is chock-full of surreal moments, but all in all it left me thinking that giving birth is actually really badass, and nothing to fear. Which is a dramatic departure from my previous stance of, "push a baby through my what?!"

Then, I found that episodes of The Office are also available to watch instantly, so I'm happily working my way through episodes from Season 3 I haven't yet seen. They are quite amusing, though it's sort of weird to come home from work, eat some dinner, and then watch a TV show

Anyhoo, that is my life. Work is insanely busy, the weather here is perfect, my thighs are constantly sore from biking so much, and I am a happy camper. A happy camper who watched Ricki Lake give birth in her bathtub. Thanks, Netflix!

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