Friday, April 11, 2008

Adventures in vintage, part 1

In the past, I thought that selling vintage stuff on Etsy was a big ol' racket. Scouring junk shops and flea markets, buying all the good stuff and selling it for profit on a site that's designed to help small-time artists get a leg up? Umm...ok. Take it to eBay, please.

I've come around, though. It's thrilling to be able to search for a specific term like "vintage boots size 7" and have a great selection of relevant items pop right up, rather than sorting through racks of clothes, shoes and accessories in some dark, smelly shop lorded over by a persnickety shopkeeper. Granted, I sometimes enjoy sorting through the mounds of crap at thrift shops, but I appreciate order and efficiency, too.

Maybe I'm just smitten because the 60s minidress of my dreams was lurking on etsy, in a store called mapetiteamy.

You'd think that a gray sleeveless minidress in gray in such a timeless style wouldn't be too hard to find, but you'd be wrong.

Here it is. Twenty-five bucks, plus $14.50 in shipping because it's coming from Canada.

Here's to hoping it fits--I think I have a good handle on my measurements, but you never know.

(Needless to say I found a lot of vintage goodies on Etsy to share with y'all. They are coming, so stay tuned!)

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