Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mmm, blue Slurpee

I'm fighting a wicked hangover at the moment while waiting for my parents to show up for the weekend (side note: black olives are a pretty excellent hangover food). In the meantime, I am ogling gemstone beads on etsy as usual. I'm jonesing for some tourmaline (green and pink are my faves) but I'm always shocked at how little tourmaline you get for lots of money. I guess it's a pretty rare and valuable stone. Still, I may buy some at some point because the range of colors is just so spectacular.

I also noticed some neon blue apatite. The seller of these stones writes that they are all natural. Crazy that this electric blue naturally occurs in nature! They remind me of blue Slurpees. Ok, that's not a very elegant comparison but you get the idea.

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