Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Life without Ross is too sad to contemplate

After eating lunch at my desk I went for a wander in downtown SD. I was glad I did, as a cornucopia of good stuff awaited me at Ghetto Ross.

First up: a neato headband. It's flexible plastic made to look like carved wood, and I slipped it on right in the store to make sure it's comfortable. I may spray-paint it gold, silver, or some other color, but only after I get tired of the wood look.

Next up - the sunglasses. Bleach-blonde sorority girls in UGG boots and Juicy sweatpants have largely ruined large, bug-eyed sunglasses for the rest of us, but these shades make me happy like no other pair ever has (ok, ok, except for the white-with-pastel-polka-dots pair I had as a child), and isn't that the whole point? To wear stuff that makes you happy? They seem very Jackie O to me, but I'm probably just making that up.

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