Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another day, another bead crush

Etsy has some fantastic bead sellers. They undersell my local bead shop (duh), and often offer smaller quantities of beads rather than standard-sized strands. It's a wonderful world, I tell you. My Favorites list is swelling by the minute.

Perhaps my bead lust will calm down a little after my initial shipment of beads arrives, but I highly doubt it.

Lapis lazuli

Black spinel

Mystic black spinel

(I'm not sure which type of spinel I like better - the mystic or plain black. I love how metallic and glittery the mystic spinel looks, but I can see it looking a bit cheesy. The natural black is a bit more mysterious and subtle. Opinions?)


Nymphette Blog said...

Which bead shop are you purchasing all these lovelies from? Have you ever checked out South Sun?

Forever Chic said...

These beads are all from various shops on Etsy. I've checked out South Sun a couple times; I like them for sterling silver findings but their beads don't really do it for me. I'm happier with the selection on Etsy.

If you want details on which bead shops I like on Etsy, just ask :)