Friday, April 11, 2008

DIY headbands

The clothes in the latest Anthropologie catalog didn't grab me much but I loved the styling, especially the messy up-dos anchored by headbands that looked like they were made of leather cord.

After brainstorming a bit I realized that my ugly vintage dress (the one I mentioned at the end of yesterday's post) had thin, superfluous straps made out of leather. I cut them off (why yes, I do like to mutilate nicely preserved vintage pieces) and made them into a double-strand headband.

The technique is incredibly easy: you can use two elastic hairties to make any ribbon-shaped thing into a headband. (The tutorial's here.)

Just lace two hairbands together and tie or sew the ribbon-shaped thing in place (I elected to simply tie the leather onto the hairbands, as that allows me to take the whole thing apart or adjust the size.)

Et voila! A double-stranded headband made of salvaged materials - dismantled at will, and with absolutely no hard bits to dig into my tender noggin.

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