Sunday, April 13, 2008

That necklace is wearing a necklace!

I walked to Amonite (the bead store earlier today to buy a clasp for a broken necklace. I walked out after signing up for a beginning jewelry class, buying a new set of pliers, 2 feet worth of silver chain, a spool of silver wire, and more. Dammit! Or should I say...awesome? It's high time I actually learned proper jewelrymaking techniques and worked with decent materials. I've been limping along for years, and have very little to show for my lame jewelrymaking efforts because I usually end up throwing out my pitiful creations.

Anyhoo, using some of my new supplies, I made this:

I think it's pretty great, considering I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Working with good materials (a beautiful piece of aqua jade bought here and three brand-new sets of pliers) certainly helped. I may double up the chain because stone is so big and heavy, but besides that I'm pleased as punch.

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drwende said...

Awesome, indeed!

Also useful -- there are certain graduate seminars that call for a hands-on task like knitting or embroidering or stringing beads. These are usually at the doctoral level, so you've got a year or two to perfect your beading technique before keeping your hands busy through three hours of other people droning about the week's readings.