Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thailand and tourmaline

Today, while jetting around the San Diego harbor with my parents, I had the epiphany that I need to live in another city for a few months, and that city shall be Bangkok. Thai food and culture have long fascinated me, and for some reason living in a huge, hot, traffic-jammed metropolis (one that's not LA) sounds peachy right about now. And for some reason a city like Bangkok doesn't intimidate me nearly as much as, say, Paris or Milan would - perhaps because Thai culture isn't fetishized in America as much as the French or Italian cultures are?

Anyhoo, I figure I'll go next December (after I turn in grad school applications) or next May (after I get my acceptances back and have a chance to visit schools). I favor the latter plan because it's a bit cooler in Bangkok during the wet season, but...well, many details have yet to be hammered out, as you can probably guess.

And speaking of of the city's residents (a Scottish ex-pat) sells great beads on etsy, and her fantabulous prices and quality finally got me to buy the tourmaline I've been wanting, as well as some bargain moonston. Hmm...perhaps I will sell my jewelry to fund my trip to Thailand!

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