Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Squee! I'm in the LA Times!

Holy shit, guys. Because I never shut up on the Apartment Therapy comment board, I got contacted by an LA Times reporter doing a story on people who use the Internet to document their homes, discuss their homes ad nauseum, and argue about color schemes and restoration techniques and such.

The reporter roused me out of bed on Saturday and asked a lot of thoughtful questions. For all my online gregariousnesses, I'm actually a shy person, and talking to a reporter is extra-scary because they have the power to make people look really stupid. However, the reporter seemed really intelligent, open-minded, and passionate about home decor (yay, a kindred spirit), so it wasn't too nerve-wracking.

Anyway, the article was JUST posted online and I was shocked to see that I lead it off.

This is the sort of thing that makes me excited and nervous. I really need to learn to bask in my celebrity. :D

Oh yeah, and the article's here.

Edit: My mom just happened to be browsing the LA Times and found the article just a few minutes after I did. Weeeeeeeird.

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drwende said...

Way to go!

On the whole, I think the LA Times did a more thoughtful article than the one in the Wall Street Journal a few months back. WSJ was set on making fun of the pastimes of the great unwashed middle class, while LAT seems to be taking decorating seriously as a participative sport.