Sunday, February 10, 2008

MC Lars is my homeboy

On Saturday night we headed down to USC for what I thought would be a round of shitty local bands. I wasn't really feeling the concert, until I heard that MC Lars was about to go on. MC Lars?! Writer of such hits as "Download this Song," "Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock," and (my personal favorite) "Mr. Raven"?!

Just a few days ago I'd discovered this little gem of a video, so MC Lars' white-boy, post-punk awesomeness was in the front of my mind. I shoved my way to the stage and started snapping pictures.

MC Lars throwing me dirty looks while his band set up

Aaaand they're off. MC Lars had himself, a three-piece backup band, and a co-star, DJ. Since visuals and samplings are important to Lars' work, so he performed in front of a projector screen with videos streaming from a laptop. Nerdy? Yes. Awesome? Yes.

Lars' co-star, DJ, was a slammin' hottie. Who doesn't love a guy who raps and dances while wearing glasses and those dorky earplugs with a string holding them together?

After a few songs the drummer pointed out that they were having problems with the click track. Imagine how hard it is to get a band to play together, while also adhering to the pacing of a pre-prepared video. And now do that without a proper click track. Yeah...they were pretty much amazing. Lars rearranged their set on the fly, and the show went on.

After the show ended, and I felt a little bruised after idiot moshers nearly knocked me to the ground during "Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock," we retired to the outdoors to chill out for a while. Suddenly, MC Lars and couple members of his entourage emerged and started heading off. What to do? I didn't have a pen or paper, so no autographs. After dawdling way too long, I dashed over for a picture.

"Lars! Do something awesome, because you're awesome!" I chirped. He did this.

Next I got a picture with both of them. Oh DJ, will you be my Valentine?

I have many more pictures of the momentous occasion here.

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