Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Anthro catalog!

I told Anthropologie to stop sending me catalogs (seriously) but they keep sending them anyway. It's like they know the catalogs are like porn/crack for me, and I can't get enough of them. Ah well. Here are some highlights.

Heritage stripe tank, $88
It's gray! It nips in at the waist! It's a winner.

Puckered Tank, $48
For sticky days when you don't want to wear anything tight-fitting.

Midnight sun top, $98
This is just pretty.

Savannah Blouse, $58
I dunno, I just thought t his was cute, and it comes in various colors. What more do you want from me?

Forking Road Overcoat, $148
I feel compelled to call this coat "fucking road overcoat." Anyhoo, this print is show-stopping. The shape is very similar to a black trench I already own. But would the bold print overwhelm petite little flowers like myself? Please advise.

Malinalli Float Top, $78
For those going for the pregnant but sporty look. Also, the color of this top is described as "bannana." Oh Anthropologie copywriters, you slay me.

Well-Weathered Blazer, $148
Ok, I love this jacket, but double-breasted garments looks weird unbuttoned, and sometimes my girls want to breathe, ya know?

Country Sampler Bag, $78
Anything described as "folksy" normally gives me hives, but on this bag the needlepoint stuff looks kinda graphic and cool.

Ode-to-Wings Bag, $98
I am sorely tempted by this bag. The shape is delicious. But naturally, it's covered in birds. BIRDS! WHY IS EVERYTHING COVERED IN BIRDS? Oh well, at least they're not butterflies.

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