Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I dream in colored gemstones

I am obsessed with gemstones. When I was little, I had recurring dreams in which I would come upon masses of gemstones spilling out of a treasure chest, or filling up every corner of a hidden room. I would throw myself into the piles of shimmering jewels - purple, pink, green, blue, all there in spectacular detail, to look at and touch and feel. I would pick up handfuls of the loose stones and feel their coolness as they slipped through my fingers. I would stuff my pockets with stones, but saved the very best ones for my sweaty hands.

I was thoroughly convinced that if I held the most beautiful rubies, sapphires and emeralds tightly enough, they would still be in my fists when I woke up.

Sadly, this never happened. Again and again, over the span of years, I woke up from the dream with balled fists and no gemstones.

Now that I'm grown up, I know that I can have those faceted stones, smooth and cool and winking in the light, in my hands. I don't have to dream about them - I just have to pay for them.

So I bought one of these bad boys today. It doesn't have the clarity of the gemstones in my dreams, but it will make a nice necklace.

And I bought a pair of these - yellow jade in an unusual shape. Reminds me of the flesh of a pear.

Both are from beadersboutique on etsy.

Then there's this other bead store on etsy, bestbeads. If you were to ask me to describe the colors and shapes of the gemstones in my childhood dreams, I would show these to you.

Now, I hate the phrase"I covet these," but...I covet these. They bring me back to the irrational, eternal excitement of dreaming about gemstones, and seeing their colors and feeling their shapes so vividly I was convinced I could take them with me.

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