Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I went in for an eye exam last Friday - my first in years. It turns out both of my glasses are over-correcting my nearsightedness and astigmatism - no wonder my eyes always feel strained.

I'm going back on Friday for a contact lens exam, since frankly I am sick to death of not seeing when I'm jogging/cycling, having to don my glasses at cafes in order to see menus posted above the counter, and so forth. Even though my sight is not that bad, I find myself wearing glasses nearly the entire day, so I might as well trade them for contacts.

In addition to contacts, I'm getting a new pair of glasses to wear at the computer. My eye doctor didn't quite explain what computer glasses do, but I plan on asking.

Picking out new frames was funny-slash-humiliating. I tried on many frames, and at first they were all way too large for my face - so the lady started giving me kids' glasses to try on. On the whole, they fit a lot better than the adult frames. However, the frames I settled on are made for adults, so yay for me.

I'm eager to see if I can tolerate contacts. Both my mother and father wear glasses because they can't handle contacts, but I don't suffer from dry eyes or anything (and my eyes are about a thousand times more comfortable since I switched to Kiss Me mascara). I cannot WAIT to go to a movie without having to fumble around for my glasses!

PS. Haha- a film crew from the local FOX affiliate just walked in as I was writing this post. Gotta love fooling around at work.

PPS. Part of me wants bitchin' violet contacts like Goth Girl above.

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