Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How hippies get to work

My bike in repose.

After a very long hiatus brought on by the short days of winter, I'm going to return to commuting to work by bike.

I moved into a high-rent neighborhood specifically so I would have a short commute. My apartment is about 2 1/2 miles uphill from work. Biking to work takes about 10 minutes and very little energy, and returning home is an intense, rewarding workout that takes about 25 minutes.

I biked every day for months, and really enjoyed it. I would pack my work clothes and my lunch into a backpack, and I brought my bike right up in the freight elevator with me, storing it in a closet in my company's offices. Flying down the hill in the morning left me exhilarated and ready to kick ass at work, and biking up the hill after a day stuck at a desk always gave me that tired, happy feeling that intense exercise brings.

Then the days suddenly got shorter, and at the same time, the building management sent an email to my office manager saying I couldn't bring my bike into the building anymore (for reasons still unknown to me).

I told myself I'd return to biking at the beginning of this month, but I had trouble motivating myself to make the slight change in my routine.

Now is the time, though. Today I cased the building and located a bike rack on the highest level of underground parking, so I have a relatively safe place to lock my bike.

Tomorrow, however, it's supposed to rain, so perhaps my new routine will have to wait until Thursday. Bah.

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