Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bedding at Pottery Barn and PBTeen

The Sale sections of potterybarn.com and pbteen.com are my go-to sources for textiles. They feature truly amazing deals, decent quality items, and cute colors and patterns.

The duvet and Euro shams in the picture above are from Pottery Barn. They are really good quality - soft, smooth fabric that seems to get softer with every washing. I think the duvet cover (full size) was only $30. I also have a duvet cover and pillowcases from PBTteen, in a more trendy/contemporary pattern. The fabric is heavier and a bit rough - it almost feels like denim. But it's obviously made to last, and the weight is nice in colder weather, so I'm a happy camper. And again, I got everything for less than $50.

First, some picks from PBTeen. It's easy to rag on PBTteen for sticking with the same preppy candy colors, but I happen to like them. I think people tend to choose really bland bedding, but why not sleep in a pretty color? Light green in particular is a really good choice for the bedroom, and looks really sharp paired with black, gray or dark brown.

Also - all these picks are from the "girl" bedding. The "boy" bedding features colors like navy blue, khaki, and charcoal gray, if that's more your style.

Medallion duvet cover and shams in purple, pink or blue - shams
are only $2.99 and full-size duvet is only $24.99!

Versailles Ribbon duvet cover and shams - shams
are $25 and a full/queen duvet cover is $150

Velvet duvet cover and shams in green, blue, pink, or purple and
even more colors here - shams are $20, full/queen duvets are $120

And now, Pottery Barn picks. I hate how Pottery Barn styles its beds for catalog/website photos, and I think that's what puts a lot of people off their bedding. The key is to separate the actual pattern of the bedding from the fuddy-duddy styling. Some patterns are truly fugly, but some have potential if styled the right way. The seashell bedding, for example, would look fresh and modern on an ultra-modern platform bed.

Verona duvet cover and shams -
shams are $15, full/queen duvet is $70

Saranac duvet covers and shams in dark blue or sage -
shams are $15, full/queen duvet is $80

Seashell duvet cover and shams in blue or natural -
shams are $15, full/queen duvet is $50

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