Thursday, February 28, 2008

Drinking the MAC Kool-Aid

My Nordstrom gift card still had some money on it, so I went to the MAC Counter to check out the Fafi collection and liberate a couple eyeshadows from their shackles.

The salesgirl (who was rocking hot pink eyeshadow) seemed really surprised/horrified that I tend to wear brown and bronze eyeshadows...apparently there are way better colors for me? Anyway, I looked at Vanilla (an off-white highlight color that was a little shinier than I was hoping), Steamy (a mermaid-like sea green with flecks of gold and blue), Beautiful Iris (a light purple), and Brulee (a matte neutral highlight color).

Photographing eyeshadows: surprisingly hard!

I ended up with Brulee and Beautiful Iris, because I go through light, neutral, all-over colors despairingly quickly, and I wanted a fun, light purple to go with Satellite Dreams (a dark rich purple I wear all the time). I liked Steamy a lot - the color payoff is excellent, and unlike my Smashbox-brand green eyeshadows, it doesn't muddy up. However, I'll have to save that purchase til a little later.

Brulee, Beautiful Iris and Satellite Dreams (which I broke at some point, obvs)

Also, the salesgirl invited me to my first-ever in-store event, on March 8. Whoo-hoo! I must have appeared sufficiently moneyed! Go go goody bag full o' samples!

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