Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New at Anthropologie

More items I will probably not be buying from Anthropologie, because I am having way too much fun puffing up my IRA! :D

Wear-It-Well Jumper, $128

Whitehall Scoopneck, $68 (also in yellow and blue)

Jovibarba Satchel, $365
(crazy expensive, but aren't the colors and patterns divine?)

Chambord Satchel, $228
(Again, crazy expensive, but it's too cute not to post. Maybe it could serve as inspiration for a sewing project? For, uh, someone who sews?)

Peach pie necklace, $38

Incandescent scarf, $68

And on the home front...

It seems that lately people have been finally realizing that Anthro carries a nice selection of hardware. Well, yes, they do, and frequently have really good deals in the sale section.

I dig these knobs, because they're more like pom-poms than hardware, and they're so delightfully impractical.

Zulu Knob, $8 (also in red and white)

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