Saturday, February 16, 2008

New purse!

Old purse

New purse!

Both are leather, Nine West, and bought from Ross/Marshall's for cheap. The leather on the new bag is far nicer, though.

I'm the world's most unenthusiastic/unadventurous purse-buyer, so a yellow tote is a big step for me. I've finally decided that a loud bag that clashes with everything is just as workable as a neutral bag that matches everything.


lindsey kathlene said...

yay for bright colored purses! mine is this color, though not that shape. a d&b from tjmaxx. on principle i'm not into expensive brand name purses, but it's a year old and still looks brand new after daily use, so i guess they might actually be worth the investment. then again, i didn't even pay half price, so what's to feel bad about...? i frickin' love tjmaxx/marshalls.

Forever Chic said...

Ooh, what a nice find! That color is fantastic.