Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Breaking news: Anthropologie bedding is a rip-off

On the left: "kissing pleat bedding" from Anthropologie. On the right: organic cotton bedding from West Elm.

Total cost of a queen size duvet cover and two shams at Anthropologie: $316

Total cost at West Elm: $128

The bedding at Anthro is (reportedly) 300 thread count; at West Elm it's only 230. But the West Elm stuff is organic. (They're both listed as imported items - who wants to bet they're the exact same bedding from the same supplier?)

Should it shock anyone that Anthro inflates their prices nearly 250%?

Buy bedding at West Elm here. Gawk at high prices of Anthro bedding here.


Obsessed said...

I own the version from Anthropologie, actually and would disagree. I bought mine from them last year and have just started seeing West Elm's recently. I was frustrated with the price so I went to our local West Elm and checked it out. The cotton material is a thinner weight, plus it doesn't have the great shell button detail of the one I have. Anthropologie's has different colored thread for each pleat...and has more pleats to boot. It is more expensive, but after comparing the two I could see how it would have cost more to make the one I have.

At least I felt better, and I still love my duvet! :-)

drwende said...

When West Elm is the low-price leader, something is seriously askew.